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The great wizard Galdryn of the Meadows has been vanquished by a deadly conspiracy within the Circle of Mages. His chief ally, Lord Davenmor, now struggles to save his kingdom from the dark forces of the conspiracy and the onslaught of Lord Barrowgrim’s army of marauders. But there is hope, for according to prophecy a Great Champion shall appear to challenge the evil invaders – the Realm awaits YOU to be this Champion!

  • Now Supports Steam Multiplayer up to 8 Players with support of Steam Lobby
  • Automap Fog of War
  • New additional ActionBar added with 12 additional action slots using F1-F12 as hotkeys
  • ActionBar items can now be moved around in Inventory or Equipped and retain viability in the action bar
  • Revised Difficulty Settings
  • Enhanced Skill, Inventory and Spellbook Features
  • Revised Spells, Consumables and usable Items
  • Co-op story mode for up to 8 players and full single-player game experience
  • New Hero Classes, new and improved Class Skills, and new unique Class action abilities
  • Full World and Character Re-mastering for enhanced gameplay experience
  • 50-70 hours gameplay time
  • All new intuitive Graphic User Interface and Action Bar system
  • Enhanced Multiplayer features (includes Trading and Friendly Targeting for buffs and heals)
  • Dual Switchable Interface Modes (supports Hot-Key action play and Point&Click play)
  • Improved Graphic & Visual Enhancements
  • Updated full hardware Screen Resolution support (16:10, 16:9, 1920×1080 etc.)
  • Newly Re-Mastered Audio sounds and speech

Release date : 01.05.2005

Developer : Heuristic Park

Publisher : THQ Nordic

Languages : English, German, French


Minimum requirements:

processor : Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon 64 2.0 GHz

graphics : 128 MB

memory : 1 GB

diskspace : 6 GB

system : Windows XP SP3

other :


processor : Intel Pentium D / AMD Athlon 64 X2

graphics : 256 MB

memory : 2 GB

diskspace : 6 GB

system : Windows 7 64Bit


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