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Why you should buy Garden Paws:

  • You’re looking for a simulation game similar to Animal Crossing.
  • You love when the game’s features offer endless hours of gameplay. 
  • You want to freely build, craft, explore, fight monsters, and more!

Garden Paws

Help Mayor Wilson reach the full potential of the Town of Florens in Garden Paws, the adorable sandbox simulator game from Bitten Toast Games. Choose your character, explore the land, open a shop, craft, farm, and much more! The possibilities of this game are endless. Play Garden Paws on Nintendo Switch and PC. 

Adorable characters 

Your grandparents set off to travel the world, leaving you their farm to take care of. Choose from 10 customizable characters – Fox, Bunny, Bear, Dragon, Cat, Bird, Badger, Chipmunk, Horse, and Dog – and start your Garden Paws adventure. Personalize your character with over 400 skins, clothes, wigs, and hats. Now that you’re ready – open a shop and start selling whatever you find to villagers to make some money. Moreover, you can decorate and customize your shop to attract more clients and display your goods. There are over 1000 items you can sell, from raw materials to crafted pieces. 


Start exploring the town to find more items you can sell. There is a plethora of hidden objects, collectibles, clothes, and more unique skins you can discover in the Town of Florens. Descend to dungeons for even more loot. However, in these dark corridors, there are dangerous monsters you’ll have to fight first to take the treasures. Fight monsters and powerful bosses on 10 levels. And if that’s not enough adrenaline for you, shoot the mushrooms to activate the hardcore mode. Help to rebuild and improve the town by taking over 700 quests. You think that’s not enough? Don’t worry – there are new ones every season!   

Reach the full potential

In Garden Paws, the possibilities are endless. Work in a local construction shop and upgrade the farm you inherited or build a completely new home. Personalize and decorate it up to your taste. Use paintbrushes to jazz up the interiors with funky colors and patterns, like galaxy walls. Start growing seeds, raising animals, and fishing. Cook your favorite meals from the crops you harvest at cooking stations or sell the produce you grew in the shop. Craft items using over 600 recipes to make chests, furniture, and building pieces. And don’t do it all alone! Invite up to three friends in an online multiplayer.  

Garden Paws features

  • Exploring the town, 
  • Collecting and selling items, 
  • Building and crafting, 
  • Farming, fishing, and cooking, 
  • Many customization options,
  • Quests and monster fights, 
  • Online multiplayer mode, and much more! 

PC system requirements 

Minimum requirements

Windows 7, 64-bit

Intel Core i5 or higher

Graphics card   
Geforce GT 740 / Radeon R7 250 or above

8 GB

Drive Space
1 GB

Release date : 18.12.2018


Minimum requirements:

processor : Intel Core i5 or higher

graphics : Geforce GT 740 / Radeon R7 250 or above

memory : 8 GB RAM

diskspace : 1 GB available space

system : Windows 7

other : directx: Version 11


processor : Intel Core i5 or higher

graphics : Geforce GT 740 / Radeon R7 250 or above

memory : 8 GB RAM

diskspace : 1 GB available space

system : Windows 7 or higher


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