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Why you should buy Hitman: Absolution

  • You are a fan of the Hitman series,
  • You love games with exciting combat,
  • You are looking for an interesting story to experience.

Hitman: Absolution

In the fifth installment of the iconic series, Agent 47 faces betrayal by his former employers. You are the prey this time, so use your phenomenal skills and rely on your experience to survive. Hitman: Absolution brings innovative mechanics, a gripping story, and satisfying combat that made the series so popular.

Hunt or be hunted

Once more, you’ll follow the story of Agent 47. As soon as you’ve been betrayed by the Agency, you’ll have to fight to survive. With the Agency and police chasing you every step, you must make use of your outstanding abilities. It’s up to you which tactics you will employ: do you prefer open combat or stalking your prey? The choice is yours. Thanks to an advanced AI system, the mechanics evolve as you play; you never know what will come next!

A lifelike world

Unique, memorable characters, meaningful dialogues, and a story that will keep you entertained until the end: Hitman Absolution is an amazing experience that combines exceptional gameplay with a visually breathtaking world and a deep narrative set in the iconic franchise. 

Master Assassin

Use Agent 47’s extraordinary abilities, such as the ability to disguise yourself as anyone you meet. Blend in with the crowd and use your experience to avoid being detected. In the Instinct mode, you’ll predict the movements of your foes, use powerful weapons, and assassinate your targets with precision. 

Key features

  • A remarkable story and design,
  • Signature Hitman mechanics,
  • Different difficulty levels,
  • Varied environments

Release date : 19.11.2012

Developer : Feral Interactive (Mac)

Publisher : Feral Interactive (Mac)

Languages : English, German, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Turkish


Minimum requirements:

processor : True dual core CPU

graphics : NV8600 512 Mb RAM

memory : 2 GB RAM

diskspace : 24GB

system : Windows Vista, 7

other :


processor : Intel Core i7

graphics : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260

memory : 4 GB RAM

diskspace : 24GB

system : Windows 7 64-bit


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