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Why you should buy Kentucky Route Zero:

  • You think you may enjoy a night trip on Kentucky’s roads.
  • You love games focused on a deep storyline.
  • You enjoy the unique graphic design in games.

It all begins at twilight

The night changes everything that feels familiar during the day. Kentucky Route Zero, an indie adventure game created by Cardboard Computer, lets you drive around Kentucky with only the moon and stars above you. Get involved in this five-episode magical adventure with the feature of interludes, originally published separately.

Through the underground

The night opens up the access to a secret highway leading through underground caves. Meet the people who live and work along the highway. The unique characters of Kentucky Route Zero may seem strange at first sight, but soon they will seem familiar. Get ready to discover their strange and unusual stories.

The mysterious folks

On your way, you’ll stumble upon many mysterious residents of Kentucky’s underground. Take your time to hear the stories of the aging driver making the last delivery for a doomed antique shop, a young woman fixing TVs surrounded by ghosts, the child with an eagle, and the robot musicians.

Remarkable atmosphere

Plunge into a magical, mysterious road trip by night with stunning visual art and haunting electronic score. You’ll also hear some hymns recorded by The Bedquilt Ramblers. Enjoy the amazing mix of theater, film, and experimental electronic art, which creates a one-of-a-kind experience.

Kentucky Route Zero: key features

  • Gripping point and click adventure,
  • A unique story and setting,
  • Atmospheric gameplay,
  • Well-written dialogues,
  • A beauty hidden in the darkness.

PC system requirements

Minimum requirements   
Recommended requirements   

Windows 7   
Windows 7   

1 GHz
1 GHz

Graphics card   
Directx 9.0c compatible video card   
Directx 9.0c compatible video card   

512 MB
1 GB

Drive Space
250 MB
250 MB


Release date : 22.02.2013

Developer : Cardboard Computer

Publisher : Cardboard Computer

Languages : English


Minimum requirements:

processor : 1 GHz

graphics : DirectX 9.0c

memory : 512 MB RAM

diskspace : 250 MB

system : Windows 7

other :



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