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Why you should buy The Outer Worlds?  

  • You love open-world RPG games,
  • Science fiction is your jam,
  • You love exploring.

The Outer Worlds

Welcome to the Outer Worlds! You land in the middle of a conflict far away, deep in the midst of a galaxy. Obsidian studio’s work is an amazing RPG where your choices affect every aspect of the game. It’s a must-play title!

A good hero is a flawed hero

The game will track your activity to find…your flaws. Underperforming certain actions might result in applying your character flaws: debuffs that will affect your gameplay. Worry not, you’ll be rewarded with character perks as well! Choosing flaws and perks lets you create the hero you’ve always wanted to be!

In the galaxy far far away…

Explore the Halcyon colony and face its numerous dangers. Build your own crew and battle against alien monsters that inhabit the colony, visit cities, settlements, and space stations scattered around. The Outer Worlds boasts a beautiful universe full of mysteries to discover and enemies to defeat. 

Build your crew

You’ll meet some amazing characters on your way. Every hero is equipped with different abilities, backstories, and…motivations. Decide who joins your squad and determine their fate!

Key features:

  • Outstanding 3D graphics and a detailed world,
  • The game adapts to your gameplay,
  • Customization options of both character’s looks and abilities,
  • Gripping, choice-driven narrative with different endings.

Release date : 25.10.2019


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